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Cutting-Edge Business Solutions

SMS_ThinkTank LLC uses new techniques and cutting edge knowledge in the space of system modeling and simulation to provide an efficient approach to engineering and product development. We are engaged with our client globally. These engagements may focus on any of the following areas:

Virtual Engineering
• System Engineering
• System Modeling & Simulation
• Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE)
• Manufacturing
• Engineering IT

Market Research
• Industry Trends
• Surveys
• Technology Research

A Better Approach to Development & Innovation

OEMs and suppliers need to remain competitive, and to accomplish this, a systems engineering approach to product development should be adopted to address the increasingly complex products being developed and to satisfy customer demands. By addressing these challenges, you will improve processes, spark new thinking, create new culture, and break down barriers you never knew existed. Achieve sustainable innovation with SMS_ThinkTank LLC through:

Systems Engineering Readiness Assessments
• Department/Enterprise-Level Engagements

Recommendations for Optimized Business Structure & Tech Deployment
• Strategy Development
• Roadmaps
• Decision-Making Support

Support During New Process Introductions/Rollout
• Internal Projects
• Ensuring Customer Requirements Are Met

Systems Engineering Training (Develop & Host)
• Executive/Managerial Level Support
• Subject Matter Expertise
• End User Insight

Representing Business Growth